Ending the year right is the best way to send off the past and look forward to a great new year in your small business.

Enjoy your holiday but make sure you take advantage of the downtime and work on growing your business. This time of year is perfect for improving and making plans for the year ahead. Goal setting and scheduling key company events are a few things you can start 2018 two steps ahead.


Get you database in order. Make sure those business cards you get from networking input somewhere and you create a good follow up procedure. A good database should have updated contact information, be free of confusing duplicates, and be a complete collection of all your past and present clients as well as leads you are working with.


Use this time to review your social media and website content. Make sure all your online sites are consistent with your message, your logos, and your contact information. Update your products or services to delete things you no longer offer and make sure to include anything new. Check any links and make sure they point to the right place.


Gather all your expenses and receipts and be ready to go for tax season. Reach out to your accountant and find out if the next filing will encompass any new regulations. Maintaining good communication with your tax accountant throughout the year can help make tax time less stressful for everyone.


Meet with your mentor, your coach or whomever your guide happens to be and start by reviewing your goals from last year and evaluate your results. Once your performance is established you can set your goals for the year to come. Writing your goals on paper is the first step into action. You can do this for your personal life as well as your business. Think big and then work backwards by detailing each step you will have to take each month, each week, each day…to reach your goals.


If your small business has been booming, it may be the perfect time to consider turning your sole proprietorship into an LLC. Consider getting all the forms filled out so you can start the next calendar year off with your new business structure.


Plan your 2018 calendar. Start putting your plans on paper and setting the tone for your year ahead. If your planning to host any marketing events, seminars, fundraisers, training sessions or even a holiday gala you’ll want to have an idea so that key employees don’t plan vacations during those times. You can also have your event planners start looking into locations and reserve dates early to get a jump on all the good spots!

These are just a few ways you can get your head in the game and start planning for a great 2018 for your small business. Make sure you plan accordingly and spend some down time with your loved ones but set aside enough time to make sure your business is prepared and ready for the best year you’ve had yet!